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Tracer.exe blocked

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 I believe malwarebytes is the only protection software I am using so I think it is blocking PokerStars tracer.exe file based on the response I got from them below.

How can I be certain and fix this?


The Network Status Report that you sent to us does not reflect the traces properly.

It appears that the Tracer.exe program that runs the report is being blocked by a Firewall. This can sometimes occur if the default settings are selected when setting up the firewall or if a software update has changed file parameters causing the Firewall to no longer allow the program through. To correct this you will need to configure your firewall. It will be SOMETHING like this process:

1. Open the Firewall control panel (often you double click the Firewall icon near the Windows system clock or locate under the Start Menu)
2. Click on the 'Programs' tab (or otherwise locate the program list)
3. Locate Tracer.exe in the Program list.
4. Change Tracer.exe 'Block All' to 'Permit All' (or to the least restrictive permissions), this should be sufficient to permit you to run the Network Status Report trace.

The instructions for accomplishing this step vary and for further assistance you should contact the vendor of your Firewall software.

Once you have performed this change, run the Network Status Report once more and send it to us as an attachment.

We'll be looking forward to your reply and thank you in advance for your cooperation.




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It could be that the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes is blocking it.  To prevent that from happening you would need to add an exclusion in Malwarebytes for Tracer.exe or any other program you wish to allow to connect that you believe is being blocked.  You can also add a Web Exclusion for the website itself if it is an issue of trying to reach the site with your web browser NOTE: Do NOT exclude your web browser itself from Web Protection as that would leave you completely unprotected from malicious websites when surfing the web.

To add Web Exclusions, follow the instructions found on this page and use the info under the Exclude an Application that Connects to the Internet section for Tracer.exe and any other program that you wish to exclude from Web Protection and use the information in the Exclude a Website section to exclude that site specifically if you need to in order to allow your web browser and other applications to connect to it.

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