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Norton & MB both lost account info

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Strange behavior on my PC.  A few days ago, Norton Security said that it had expired, but I know my subscription doesn't expire until the end of the year.  I reinstalled it, and that fixed the issue.

Today, Malwarebytes Premium all of a sudden lost it's account info and reverted to the Free version, turning off the its Real-Time Protection.  I redownloaded MB, installed and used my license info from the MB site and now it's back to Premium, with the Real-Time protections back on.

I haven't received any infection notices from either Norton or MB.  

I ran MBAR and Adwcleaner, JRT and rkill (first) -- There were a few hits and Adwclearner found some legacy items, but didn't look particularly serious (although it took two passes to find and clean everything).

Am I infected?

Logs attached.





mbar-log-2018-08-27 (21-24-45).txt



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Hi @Dillon801

I don't see any obvious reason in the logs that something like that would have happened. Let me have you run another antivirus scan with the Kaspersky scanner.

Temporarily disable your Norton antivirus while running the KAV but make sure you re-enable it once done.


Please download and run the following tool to remove any found threats

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Let me know if it finds anything or not.



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Thank-you for replying.

I ran Kaspersky and included all objects on the system drive.

It found two objects, though it says they are not viruses:



I did install that TurboTax so I'm not sure what or where the Web.Toolbar is or was.  I will have to use TurboTax again in the future, but I don't need the original install files.   I'm assuming it's some in-application browser, but that's something I wouldn't normally use.

I'm not sure if it's related to this strange behavior, but, upon a reboot, Windows 10 Security at a glace reports that MB has an issue and needs to be opened, but when I go into MB, everything seems just fine.   If I wait a few minutes, the error on that window disappears and is replaced with No actions needed.



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No, that would appear to be a False Positive. I'm sure the installer is just fine.

Maybe if one of the updates failed and somehow got stuck in an update process it may have caused a failure like that. Pretty odd and haven't seen that for a couple years though.

As long as both products are working well again, I'd say just keep an eye on them and if something else comes up let us know.



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Glad we could help.

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This applies only to the originator of this thread.Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread.



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