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Where is $10 pricing page?

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You opened a support ticket to get this resolved.  I am not in Support, nor do I have access to the eStore.  Support is the correct group to handle this. Please be patient.

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Well, I don’t know I just got an email from Support...they asked me to tell them how they did in solving my trouble.

But....they DID NOTHING...so I replied with a BIG “Terrible” vote. Are they brain dead? 


Note I DID give you the   File with the non working URL... Why cant you help me? 

I thought Malwarebytes was a better at customer support than this. 

And,  a forum CAN help if they have the data (as you have!) 


this is a mess


And I AM patient. I am  just reporting what happened at Support. (NOTHING!) And hope somewhere in your organization I can get an answer. Sheeze!

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I see that your customer support ticket did not address anything about the pricing you're referring to, but rather was a complaint about problems posting on the forums. You need to address the pricing issue with customer support. These forums are not the correct place for these questions.

When you contact support, you also will need to let them where you got that URL. Provide them with as much information about the context as you can.

What I can tell you is that our current pricing for desktop products is $39.99/year for the first device, plus an additional $10/year for each additional device. I do not have information on what promotions we might have running right now or in the past.

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Thomas: Thank you for this reply. 

Yeah...we now have it straight w/Support. “John” is helping me. He knows what my question is re: the email I received from Malwarebytes concerning a new idea on pricing multiple copies for more than 1 device. My problem was I cant open the message. 

I’m waiting to hear from John.

This thread can be closed.



Jim B

PS My Real problem was posing questions about TWO different situations in same ticket. I apologize

PPS; My very first query was about the Forum looking at my reply posts and seeing SPAM? That is cleared up also

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