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Antispyware 2010

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I apparently have PC Antispyware 2010 on my laptop and whatever else it is installing until i get rid of it. I have been trying to remove it for days with no luck. Malwarebytes will not run, Spybot will not run. I was told that running SpyDoctor will take care of the problem and it does run and recognize it but it either doesnt remove it or it is reinstalled upon every restart. There are a few programs that start up on restart that i think are the problem but even when i try to unclick them from starting on restart they keep coming back. The names of them are "henemate" and "raromozo". I think they are guilty of reinstalling this on start up every time. Can you please advise me on what to do, i have spent 5 days trying to remove this and i have no luck. I have been a strong supporter of Malwarebytes and it has never let me down before. I just cant figure out why it will not scan. Any help will be appreciated!!!

I have PC Antispyware 2010. I can not run Malwarebytes, or any other spyware removal. Malwarebytes will not run. WIndows xp..

I am very frustrated. I just went through this with antispyware 2009!!

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