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I was playing innocently on my phone (with an app I've played several times this month) when Malwarebytes suddenly popped up talking about a safemode tutorial. I tried to bring down my dropdown menu at the top of the screen to push the notification away, but it popped up so fast again I couldn't even do that. After a lot of screaming I managed to get a malwarebytes scan going-- it was clear. I gave up and pressed the safemode button, with instructions of how to boot in safe mode. I tried to power down, but again the popup blocked me. So I did a hard reset and now my phone seems fine. Malwarebytes didn't find anything (of course).


The only thing I did recently was to open a Reddit thread and opened to enlarge the image (which stayed on Reddit, no outbound site) and open Dx2: Liberation (which was absolutely fine a few hours ago). I'm not sure if I just installed malware from that safemode crap (probably), but I couldn't find any threads on it.


One other thing to mention: I'm job searching and got an email this afternoon labeled "You should have warned me", from "Troy, Local Jobs" and starting out (I turned my phone sideways to see the first few lines without opening the email) "Hey (name), Troy from Local Jobs. Let's recount the last few minutes, because...". I sent the email to the trash and soon this crap happened.

I have no idea who the hell this is, what he wants or if he's related to this. But I thought I would note it, even if I never opened the email.


I'm sorry since I'm giving you what may be two reports, but I have a bad feeling about this.



EDIT: I found an email that didn't show up in an earlier search (I think?) from Local Jobs: Job Alert: Name, Company is hiring near ZipCode. Turned the phone again, "Hello Name, Congratulations! We were able to match you with...". It's also unread, marked an hour earlier from now (I don't think I've seen this email at all). I'm starting to freak out now, please help!!

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Hi @OriginalGenious,

I'm not sure about the safe mode tutorial, but I'll get an answer for you.

The spam emails you are receiving is a completely separate issue.  It appears spammers grabbed your email address from wherever you entered it during your job search.  They are just phishing for information.  As long as you don't respond, they are harmless.  Mark them as "spam" and don't worry about them.


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Hi @OriginalGenious

This safe mode tutorial looks like a glitch. Basically that's displayed to user if user screen is blocked by a threat and a SMS command has been sent. There're also back up options in case user didn't set up SMS commands or user does not have connection etc. Those back methods are basically some key combination (like volume button up and down with a certain combination). There might be a false behaviour or false events triggered by Android system.

What I would recommend at this point is to uninstall and re-install the application from the beginning and if you see the problem once again, I'd kindly ask you to reach us through our support channel with screenshot and report, so that we can try to understand the root cause of it.

Sorry for inconvenience.

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