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MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis False Positive Detection

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Hello there!

I represent the https://www.myassays.com/ development team.

We received several complaints from our customers that Malwarebytes Pro is blocking MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis.exe. So I used your trial version to explore this.

Triggering does not occur when scanning. Detection happens by accident upon working with the application. There are no exact steps. I tried doing the same thing many times after reinstalling the MyAssays Desktop application, but Malwarebytes does not block the app again.

I attach log files of my detection (detection log + json). Hope they will help you. 

Best regards, MyAssays Team.


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Is it possible it just updated? That triggered it again. In either way, this one should no longer be detected anymore either.

Good practice is to digitally sign the files as that certainly helps to prevent this.

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I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. 

As you say Malwarebytes Pro was updated on Friday. And I got the current version. And it still blocks  MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis.exe.

So about what update you are asking?

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I use the last developer's version of MyAssays.Desktop.Analysis.exe (v. on my comp. So for me, it updates every day.

Our clients still use an older version: 3.2 1.0.995.570 (released April 16th, 2018). But this month we will release v.4 Update for clients too.

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