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Hello everyone.

I installed Adware Doctor from the mac app store thinking it was a legitimate application. I ran it and it removed my browsers' extensions, cookies, and caches, something I could have done manually. I researched the app and found out it is a junk application that poses a security risk. I've watched YouTube videos that claim the application steals browser history and app store searches, retrieves all your application and processes information, and sends it to a Chinese server.

I quickly uninstalled the application, turned on my mac firewall, and changed my admin account password. I also installed malwarebytes, ran a scan, and it showed my mac was clean. However, I am worried about what the developers could do to my mac with the data they retrieved. What I want to know is: am I ok? If not, what else should I do to be safe?

Links to YouTube videos:



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If the app still only exfiltrates the data indicated in those videos, then it's just marketing information or worst case blackmail based on your browser history. It's doubtful that any privacy information was included that would allow ID theft and you have done more than enough to recover from this.

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Removing the application is enough to make sure you're safe from further data theft. App Store apps cannot install anything persistent that remains after the app has been removed.

The data that is being exfiltrated is a definite privacy issue, but nothing is being exfiltrated that should be able to result in any further harm to your Mac.

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