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website gets hijacked

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my wife has a problem with her website (www.myawesomeadventure.com) where under certain conditions (I can only reproduce it with Chrome on Android) the browser gets hijacked and ends up with all sorts of rubbish advertising. I have attached this hijack. I have run Malwarebytes for Android on my phone  and it comes up clear. She has contacted the website hosting service and they can't find a problem and they suggest it may be in the website code. She had the website built while we were living in Bali and is now unable to contact the person who built it. When I do a Google Check it says there is no problem but they recently stopped a Google Adword ad because they said the website wasn't trusted. Any suggestions appreciated! 

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Hi @phil170258,

Let me start with saying I love the website and the books!  I to have a traveling family,  and we'll definitely have to get the book if we ever go to Bali.

I'm not an expert on the field, but I have some amateur experience with helping on a friend's website.  I was only able to reproduce this once, but there is definitely a redirect happening here as noted.  As the hosting service suggested, it's probably due to code injection somewhere in the actual website code.

With the frequency that these redirected websites are created and then deleted, detection is an ongoing challenge.  On a positive note, it appears the websites are more of a nuisance than a threat — no malware is being downloaded from them.  Also, at least the website isn't being completely blocked/blacklisted which would make things worse.

I apologize I don't have a better answer for you.  Good luck, and I hope you can get in contact with the website developer.



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