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Malwarebytes Service CPU spikes (30%) corresponds with PC stutter/slowness


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Over the last few weeks I've noticed this, especially  in chrome when I switch tabs, it's very slow, and I see the malwarebytes service jump to the top of CPU use (~30-40%) for a few moments. 

Ending the malwarebytes service (or uninstalling the sofware) fixes the slowness issues. 

This is affecting all of our 50 users who have been complaining of computer slowness. 

I've already tried uninstalling and doing a mbab-clean /cloud and reinstalling, but it hasn't helped.

I also tried turning web protection off, but again, no help. 

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Hello @johnlondon,

I am very sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Would you be able to get us some additional data from machines experiencing this issue? 

We'll need to get a dump of the "Malwarebytes Service" while its in high usage state:

  1. When you notice that "Malwarebytes Service" is in high usage state (30-40% CPU), open Task Manager (as admin, if on domain user)
  2. Find "Malwarebytes Service" in the list and confirm high usage is happening (if used another tool to notice initial usage)
  3. Right-click on "Malwarebytes Service" and select "Create dump file"
    1. Wait a few minutes, it can take up to 10min to create the dump
  4. When dump is done creating, it'll give the location it was stored, please notate this location (will be %temp% most of the time)
  5. Go to the location given, zip the file and send it to us.

Feel free to use your own cloud storage solution to share the dump or upload it to wetransfer.com and provide me with the link.


Thank you

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