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MB extension causing slow browser startup


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Browser: Chromium x64 68.0.3440.106

MB extension version: 1.0.26

OS: Windows 10 x64 v1511


Hello, I have a problem to report

I have noticed that my chromium browser has been very slow to open. As soon as it finished starting up, I opened chrome's task manager to see what the culprit was and it was due to MB extension

On browser startup with no tab or website opens, MB consumed 10-20s of CPU time, which was a lot for a newly startup browser. It also used a significantly high CPU during this period

I tried to disable MB extension and the browser startup time was improved substantially, both hot and warm startup times

The only setting I changed was disabling advertising/tracker protection

I reported this problem to another forum and a few users confirmed they have the exact same issue with MB

I attached the screenshot of resource usage of MB on browser startup

Thank you reading this




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hello, thank you for your reply

However, I think it's an unrelated answer because I reported about CPU usage and the resource consumption when the browser starts up the first time. Malwarebytes loads a lot of things so it slows down the browser on startup. In other cases, I have no complain as MB is relatively light-weight

If you can test, please do the following:

- reboot your PC -> disable malwarebytes extension -> start your browser and count the startup time

- re-enable malwarebytes -> reboot your PC -> start your browser again, compare the startup time

in my case, disabling malwarebytes significantly shortens browser cold startup time, most noticeably on HDD

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I have tried to manually disable other extensions but there was almost no improvement

I only have a laptop with 5400rmp HDD so I can notice it easily but I guess you have SDD so you might not notice it

may I ask what is the CPU time of malwarebytes extension in chrome's task manager in machine 30s after a cold startup without opening any tab? Mine ranges from 12 to 18s, which is more than anything else except the browser itself

you can see in my screenshot above, other extensions and the browser only consumed 1 or 2s of CPU time, which means they almost had no impact on browser startup time

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