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2FA for Cloud-Console login?

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@vbarytskyy - the last update was that 2FA was planned for September/October of 2018. We're more than eight months on from that - is there any update? Any public roadmap?

It seems silly that two-factor authentication is not an option to secure access to a security product. We're up for renewal soon and this one point has us seriously considering other options that take password security more seriously.

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Hi there,

Just turned on 2FA only to find my Discovery tool no longer allows login, went and got latest version and same issue.  Turned 2FA back off and was able to log in instantly, so account update is prompt.  Please can we update the login of the discovery tool to support the 2FA logins (but top marks for refusing login without, failing safe rather than failing open is definitely the preference.  Well, releasing features only when all systems are ready for it would be the preference, but I'm sure you follow).

Thanks for getting 2FA set up, things are coming along by the looks of things which we appreciate, and I'm sure there will be a 2FA version of the Discovery tool soon (please don't go the route of making an exception on the login service side to quietly not require 2FA for requests from the discovery tool, not that you would).

Thanks for your help!


Kind regards,



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