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Malwarebytes for Chrome Blocks Google Drive Occasionally

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Hello Everybody!

It's not much, but slightly annoying to say the least. Google Drive is blocked for "Possible Suspicious Activity" on a very inconsistent basis for me. The URL states something along the lines of scam coinminer[dot]worker being the culprit for the detection (if that's how we can gauge what's being potentially detected). Malwarebytes Premium (Trial) detects nothing malicious on the device, nor does Windows Defender. After opening and closing the browser a counted 45 times to gauge how inconsistent it was, Google Drive was blocked 6 times (appx. 7.5%). These blocks occurred completely at random and never followed one after the other. The issue was not able to be replicated on another Windows device with the limited time (20+ attempts) I had earlier.

Whether this is an accurate detection of something or a false positive is beyond me, but being a Google website makes me want to believe it's a false positive. On that note, since it's not blocking it every time, the issue is mitigated by entering Google Drive a second time. I attempted to get a preserved log of the sessions when it occurred but they came up empty for some reason.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, though I figured I'd just let the fine people here know this is occurring.Drive_MB_Chrome_Issue.thumb.png.5287686126640871f47b2f2eeeda8939.png

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