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Christmas Card? And a Thanks


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Hi! I'm a 16 year old with autism so sorry if this comes off wrong/bad. About a year ago or maybe it was this last Christmas... I sent a card to Malwarebytes for Christmas, with some drawings of the robot guy you have, I was wondering, I never ever got a response, does anyone at Malwarebytes know if they ever got it or could they ask around? I'm honestly not sure if that's possible, I just really wanted to make someone's day there, because I really care for you guys and what you do is amazing. If you ever feel like you're not being appreciated, please know that I appreciate every minute you spend on it, even if you are the janitor. I didn't really know where this goes, so I hope that this is okay to put here and I hope I've not broken any rules. Sorry in advance if I come off wrong or did something wrong to post. Thanks!

Also, here is a kinda terrible drawing I tried to do on my PC, with Paint, and a mouse. Sorry that it's not very professional!


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I'm sorry no one responded to your topic here sooner.  I don't know anything about the Christmas card you sent, but thanks nonetheless, not just for that but also for all the kind words.  I know that they are appreciated.  Nothing could make the folks at Malwarebytes happier than knowing they've helped another user to keep their computer clean of infections and helped them to stay safe on the web.

And thanks for the drawing of Zero (that's the robot's name, in case you were curious ;) ), I think it looks great :) 

If you need any help with the software or have any questions please don't hesitate to let us know, and thanks for using Malwarebytes!

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