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1 Mac with macOS and Windows on Bootcamp: risks about malware & C.?

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Hello everyone
I would like to ask the staff a question.

If on a mac (updated to the last possible version) with Malwarebytes for macOS (last beta) a bootcamp partition is added with Windows (or 10 or 7 - the latter would give less problems even if unfortunately it will be updated only for 1 a year and a half) on which Malwarebytes for Windows (latest version available) is available as security software, is it creating a risky situation from the point of view of malware & C.?
Thanks to all those who want to clarify my ideas.
It could become a forced situation due to a feature that with macOS, as expected, gives many problems.
If it is better to use different computers, let me know.

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  • Staff

I don't believe that this will introduce any security issues, beyond the use of Windows. ? 

Neither system, by default, is able to write to the other system's partition. Reading files is possible, but only (unless something has changed) for HFS+ volumes. If you're on the latest beta of macOS, I believe you have to have APFS instead of HFS+, and as far as I know that can't even be read by the Windows system running via Boot Camp. I'm unclear on how the use of FileVault to encrypt the drive affects things... I would expect that that would throw up another roadblock for any malware that gets onto your Windows partition to access your Mac files.

You'd definitely need to have protection of some kind on both systems. A common question I see is whether one copy of any particular piece of antivirus software can protect both the Mac and Windows partitions on a Boot Camp machine... the answer to that is, "no."

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