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cnet is not loading


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I just verified this issue on my own system.  Windows 7 x64 SP1, fully patched, SRWare Iron Version 66.0.3450.0 (Official Build) (64-bit).  The page starts to load and appears to hang, especially if you attempt to scroll, the status bar at the bottom shows the page attempting to load sites with addresses like this (several different ones; I assume they are for the links to additional articles on the right side of the page):


It also caused one of my other extensions to crash during one of the attempts to load the site (Adblock Plus).  When I disabled Malwarebytes, the page loaded normally and no hanging/delay was observed.

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7 minutes ago, rakeshsejwal said:

looked into it and saw that site is loading a bunch of iframes, these are slowing down the page load time.

fix should really come from cnet, they need to fix the overloaded page.


It's a heavy page to load 

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Yep, that explains a lot.  I noticed I kept seeing CNET loading page after page at the bottom in the status bar/area (I assume these were the iframes) even with the extension disabled and it makes the page take quite a while to load even with no extensions active.  I bet it's because of all of those ads and links to other content that they embed in each page of their site along with all their tracking/telemetry stuff (they tend to be heavy on that sort of thing historically).

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