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Malwarebytes stops/freezes at too many issues

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We just scanned my daughters laptop and it has so many issues and then stopped at a certain number of issues (2100!)….any advise?  I tried to resolved issues midway through, but it didn't seem to work=-(  It is hp laptop on Windows we think ios10)

Thank you,


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There's several different ways to handle this:

- tap F11 at boot to enterthe HP Recovery Manager and restore the system to the state it was when it left the factory.  You'll lose everything that's saved on the computer, so a backup is suggested before doing this.

- use bootable media and portable antivirus/antimalware software to attempt to remove things from outside of Windows.  Then, if you're able to boot back into Windows, you may be able to finish the scans then.

- post over in the https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/7-windows-malware-removal-help-support/ forums for help with removing the infections/issues

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Thank you! I reposted bc she doesn't want to delete her computer. Do you have any recommendation on bottable media or portable antivirus free software?  I just wish we could resolve midway through so it would be a smaller chunk for Malwarebytes..but ?  THANK YOU so much!!!!!  Very generous of you to respond. 

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DISCLAIMER:  I am not a trained malware removal expert. I do this at work, but our resources are limited and we just don’t have the time to do thorough removals (like they do in the Malware Removal forums)

That being said, I’d start with the rescue disks offered by the different anti-virus/anti-malware companies. I have a listing of some on my website, but the links haven’t been updated in years Heres’s the link: http://www.carrona.org/malware.html

Please remember that the system may not be able to boot into Windows after attempting the removals. As such, I’d suggest backing up your data before trying this. Also, you may wish to make a disk image of the entire hard drive before starting - to preserve everything as it exists today. 

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