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Bogus phone support

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While searching net for a cat it clicked on a site and my computer froze and message popped up saying to call xxx-xxx-xxx. I immediately shut off my computer, restarted and googled this number. Results showed it was a bogus deal and not to call. Somehow it stole all my bookmarks on Firefox. I've chatted with Apple and upgraded both OS and latest version of Firefox but still no bookmarks. I then downloaded Malwarebytes and cleaned my machine but still no bookmarks. Anyone have any ideas how I can retrieve them?

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bogus phone support number redacted
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This is not likely to be related to the message, which was simply trying to trick you into calling the number, but to how you shut off the computer. If you forced it to shut down while Firefox was doing something, that probably corrupted Firefox data. The bookmarks may be gone permanently, only to be retrieved if you have backups, or may still be present somewhere to be recovered, but I'm not a Firefox expert, so I can't say.

Regarding messages like these, it is never necessary to actually restart the computer. They're simply messages in your web browser, and at most you have to quit the browser. (In modern browsers, if you've kept it up-to-date, you should be able to simply close the window.)

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If your bookmarks are sites that you use on a regular basis, they may still be in Firefox history.  In Windows, you access that with a CTRL-H. Maybe the Mac access method is the same, I don't know.

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