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Does FF add-on merely duplicate Malwarebytes 3?


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I have the Premium edition of Malwarebytes 3 on my computer. Today I saw a description of a Malwarebytes add-on for Firefox and Chrome. It looked very much as if this add-on merely duplicates what Malwarebytes 3 already does. Am I mistaken? Is there any need for such an add-on if I already have Malwarebytes 3? 

I might note that even if it doesn't duplicate Malwarebytes 3, I won't be able to use it because there's not an add-on for Pale Moon, which is my primary browser.

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Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox are not a duplicate version of Malwarebytes 3. 

Extension is our newest (BETA) offering from Malwarebytes incubation labs, Extension covers only the browser whereas Malwarebytes 3 protects your whole system from threats like Ransomeware, Exploits and Malware.

Malwarebytes 3 will continue to protect you from online threats without needing extension. Having said that, extension does offers our newest heuristic technology to protect you from online ads, clickbait and tech support scammers. 

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To expand a bit on what Rakesh already said, the extension does use the same databases as Malwarebytes, but only covers the browser, but also adds behavior based blocking of several categories of sites (like tech support scam sites, clickbait etc.) to block new/unknown sites in these categories.  It also blocks some new categories not currently targeted by Malwarebytes 3 including several ads and trackers to guard privacy and improve page load times.  Since the heuristics components are not based on databases of known sites, this gives the plugin the advantage of being able to block bad sites without having to know the exact domain/URL or IP address/server and can block them based on their content and behavior (like when they try to lock your screen to force you to call them claiming you are infected etc. in the case of tech support scammers).

The extension also has the advantage of working inside the browser which, while limited to guarding only your browser, does have the advantage of being able to block/redirect sites much more quickly than MB3's Web Protection component which works through the network stack (via a WFP filter driver) so it can actually speed up page load times when content on a site is blocked in comparison to Malwarebytes 3 alone.

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Thanks very much, rakeshsejwal and exile360, for your prompt and helpful replies. Although I didn't word my original message as clearly as I should have, you answered what I really wanted to know, which was what if anything the browser add-on provided that Malwarebytes 3 does not.  If Malwarebytes offers an add-on for the Pale Moon browser, I might be tempted to give it a try. Since at the moment it seems available only for Firefox and Chrome, I'll pass.

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Exile360, Pale Moon at the start was based on Firefox, but the two browsers are now quite different. And some time ago, Firefox changed its add-ons so that none of the earlier add-on versions worked. Those changes and others have resulted in many former Firefox users moving to Pale Moon, where most of their older Firefox add-ons still work (along with many new ones developed specifically for Pale Moon).  I'm not sure whether the new Firefox add-ons will work even on other Mozilla-based browsers.  All I know is that add-ons that will work on recent versions of Firefox will not work on Pale Moon.

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