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Two icons on the top bar and quit

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macOS 10.13.6

MBAM 3.3.32

1. After installing Malwarebytes I have two icons on the top bar in MacOs. 

This little guy 2xicon.png.548502f03769b922a78ebb1ae9fb6fee.png 

Hiding an icon from setting doesn't fix this two icons issue. Of course the icon(s) disappears, but why in the first place there are two icons?

2. When I open the Malwarebytes (from either icons) and then select Malwarebytes -> quit Malwarebytes, it just closes the window, not quitting the software. Checking real-time protection (on / off) doesn't resolve that I can't quit the software. So, how do I quit the software? 

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Is this on a Mac that is managed by your employer? If so, they may have installed Malwarebytes' business software for Mac, which will also display a menu bar icon (though it's a slightly different icon).

If you're just running the consumer software, and turning off the icon in the settings removes both icons from the menu bar, something is very badly wrong. I don't even know how that could possibly happen. My recommendation would be to uninstall Malwarebytes for Mac, restart your computer, then reinstall it.

Uninstall directions can be found here:


You can re-download from here:


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