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Malwarebytes for iOS FAQs

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Q: I don't want to read through all these questions!

A: See, you just broke the first rule of Q&A and didn't put your question in the form of a question. This isn't Jeopardy! :) But we've got an answer for you anyway. You can search through all of our iOS help articles here:

Malwarebytes for iOS

Q: What is iOS?

iOS is the operating system on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. This is a different system from macOS, which runs on Macintosh computers.

Q: I purchased a license to cover my computers. Can I also use this license on iOS?

A: No. Unfortunately, Apple will not allow purchase of our app outside the App Store. The licenses purchased from our website can only be used on Mac, Windows and Android devices. For more information, see:

Malwarebytes Premium

Q: Can Malwarebytes for iOS scan my iPhone for malware?

A: No. Scanning for malware is not possible on iOS, due to security restrictions imposed by Apple. Antivirus software is neither possible nor allowed in the iOS App Store. For more information, see:

Scanning for malware on iOS devices

Q: Can I share a Malwarebytes Premium subscription via Family Sharing?

A: No. The app itself can be shared via Family Sharing, but this is not particularly useful, since the app is free to download. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow sharing of in-app purchases through Family Sharing. For more information, see:


Q: Can I install on another device without repurchasing?

A: Yes! As long as the device is using the same Apple ID that was used to purchase the subscription, you may use your subscription there. The only limit is the limit imposed by Apple on the number of devices you can have on the same Apple ID. For more information, see:

Cancel subscription or request refund for purchase on Apple App Store

Q: Malwarebytes didn't block a scam call!

A: Please note that nobody can ever block 100% of all scam calls, as scammers are very clever at finding ways to get their calls to go through. Anyone who says otherwise is not telling you the truth. That said, though, we absolutely want to know about it when this happens! Please report scam numbers to us by following the instructions here:

Report a fraudulent number with Malwarebytes for iOS

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