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Malware bytes vs. IOBit Malware Fighter?

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Hi guys. I got a new tablet with Windows 10, and it seems like an anti-malware was in my recommendations list. Looking through the web, I saw high recommendations for malwarebytes, but then I saw IOBit Malware fighter too. When I installed it to try it out, it was giving me a 70% off pro version, which would cost me lower than malwarebytes. I want to know if it is just as good or is malwarebytes better. The only thing I’m worried about is if it might mess up my system, as I remember a few years back I installed driver booster from iobit, but it damaged the wifi connectivity and I had to reinstall Windows. I don’t know if that’s a possibility with malware fighter. Thanks.

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Greetings and welcome,

You may find the information on this page to be helpful in making your decision.  It provides an overview of the various layers of protection in Malwarebytes 3 and how they function to defeat threats and attacks throughout the various phases of the attack chain to thwart the bad guys.

With regards to iOBit, while there was an issue at one time with the confirmed theft of Malwarebytes database/intellectual property (along with those of several other vendors), however that was quite some time ago.

As far as Malware Fighter is concerned, it shouldn't cause any issues like those you experienced with Driver Booster as it serves a different purpose (in fact, Malwarebytes frequently detects driver updating programs, along with registry cleaners and system optimizers as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) specifically because they often do more harm than good), but their anti-malware program should be relatively safe as it should not tamper with your registry or drivers in any potentially dangerous way.  The only risk would likely be the same risk you'd face with any other anti-malware software should there be a problematic false positive that causes major issues, however those are typically rare and could happen to any vendor (even Malwarebytes as well as the likes of well known vendors like Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec/Norton, Kaspersky and pretty much all other vendors have experienced that kind of issue at least once over the years) so it's not something you'd need to worry about in all likelihood.

Obviously I have my own bias towards Malwarebytes, but I am not going to tell you that Malware Fighter is a bad product because frankly I haven't had much experience at all with it, especially in recent years, so I really couldn't say how effective their product is compared to Malwarebytes.  I can only tell you that I do know a LOT about Malwarebytes and I do have confidence in Malwarebytes 3, especially since I am a former Malwarebytes employee with first-hand information about much of the details and internal workings of its various components and have seen how advanced and effective of a product it is, especially since the integration of several signature-less behavior based protection components which go beyond detecting known threats via malware signatures and databases and use malware's defining traits and patterns of behavior and appearance against it to stop new and unknown threats and prevent them from leveraging their most frequently used vectors of attacks (such as exploits; one of the most common means of infection these days).  I also know that there have been several recent enhancements to Malwarebytes primary detection engine and heuristics capabilities which have now integrated Machine Learning (what the AV/AM industry often refers to as "AI" or "Artificial Intelligence", though technically speaking it's not really AI by the true definition of the term so it's more of an industry buzzword than anything at this point) as well as cloud analysis to detect new and unknown threats and that it has become stronger and more effective over time since it first came online around a year or so ago.

If it helps, you can try the free trial of Malwarebytes Premium by downloading and installing it, assuming you haven't run the trial on your system yet, so that you can take it for a test-drive to see how you like it and see how it performs.  It is a fully functional 14-day trial which includes all of the Premium features so you'll get the full experience of the paid product with all of its layers of protection and additional functions.

Regardless of what you decide, I wish you the best and hope that whatever you choose to protect your system does a good job and keeps your system safe and clean of all threats, and even if you decide to go with iOBit, you can always keep the free version of Malwarebytes around to use as a second opinion scanner (it even provides an automatic scheduled scan if you leave that option active so that it will check your system for threats automatically and remove any that it identifies).  Malwarebytes is also currently testing a new browser extension which is in beta (links to details and download in my signature below) that you may install if you wish, and it will help keep you safe on the web as well free of charge, at least while it remains in beta (I do not know if they plan to keep it free once it is released or not, but they may).

If there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to ask.


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