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The main executable for one of my projects is flagged as malware.
I have source code located at a repo here: https://github.com/misterperson/Dark-Souls-2-Armor-Optimizer
It is a C# GUI that writes values to 4 separate JSON files then captures the output from an executable run from the same directory.

Attached is the scan report as well as the entire contents of the directory the item was detected in.


edit: didn't read full instructions. Scanning again with /developer and will update the log file in the morning

edit2: didn't understand that instructions differ for each version. Above attachment is actually indeed correct ?

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This is detected by our MachineLearning engine, which helps to protect even better against 0day threats. Unfortunately, as this is a heuristic engine, it's possible False Positives happen. Thanks for reporting these, as this helps to finetune the engine, so these won't be detected in the future anymore.

It's also always a good idea to digitally sign the files.

This should be fixed by now. Please give it some time (max 10 minutes) in order to have it populate, so detection won't happen anymore.

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The same happened with our totally harmless University scheduling software - on site www.wisetimetable.com, download is: www.wisetimetable.com/Downloads/wttu.exe

This is self-extracting archive and then setup.exe is designated by Malwarebytes as having this MachineLearning/Anomalus95% malware. We even do not know what it is :)

Can you please adjust your algorithm because it is commercial software and we lose business because of such reports... The same goes for www.wisetimetable.com/Downloads/wttu.exe


Thank you

Mihovil Santic

Wise Technologies

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Porthos, you are right. The Browser guard (SmartScreen from Microsoft) is our first problem, preceding this one I have described - we are solving it with SSL code sign - waiting for it. Can I post our installation (setup.exe) somewhere on your server so you can check it? Maybe you have such service already (to report false positives) but I am not aware of it...



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