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Auslogics DiskDefrag Free version 8.0.13 - False positives or not?

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Today a new version of Auslogics DiskDefrag Free was released - version 8.0.13 was prompted to my screen for update.



I have updated while unchecking all the offers bundled with the installer.

However, ever since I have made the upgrade, Malwarebytes keeps popping up (I have dozens of messages already)

telling me it has blocked many URLs from loading from the DiskDefrag.exe executable


Can you test this and tell me whether it is a false positive or an attempt from the software to place adware/cryptominers into my PC?

(I cannot export these entries to file, I see no such option).

Thank you.

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We won't be removing detections for this but if you *really* like the software, you can exclude it from detections.

Please see:

RE: Exporting reports..

If you click "view report", there should then be an option to export them. (can only do this one at a time though)
By viewing report, you can see the path to the executable that is being blocked from making connections to the site.

Not only will you need to exclude the software itself, but you will also need to add it to exclusions under "exclude an application that connects to the internet" & choose the filepath you noted in the reports.

You will also need to exclude the URL that we keep blocking.

Once you set all that up, you might need to shutdown & restart MBAM for your settings to work faster.


Hope that helps.


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The best thing you can do is to get rid of all Auslogics programs on your computer.  They make a variety of computer optimizer programs (disc defrag, registry cleaner, etc.) and all of the programs they make are nothing more than snake oil.  They are worthless and the sad thing is they can potentially damage your computer.  If you need to defragment your disk drive use the Windows built-in program.

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