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v7.2.2 doesn't clean PUP.Optional.Legacy and more

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Hi with version 7.2.0 everything is OK (clean). Today I tried the 7.2.2 version and a lot of threads  were found (1 PUP.Optional.Bettersearch, 38 PUP.Optional.Legacy and 1 PUP.Optional.Photor). They are found only in "Registry". Here is the log-file.

When I clic on "Clean and Repear" and reboot, the first time I run Adwcleaner everything is OK (clean); but the second time i run it  the threads are found once more.

Is it a FP? What can i do about that?

Thank for your attention



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  • Staff

***This is an automated reply***


Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum.

Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue:

Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team

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I am getting the same issues on 15 Windows 10 PRO x64 computers.

2 of them are my personal computers and the others belong to a client.

They are all displaying the same notations as detections in their log files and in my logs files.

They are Registry entries that are giving FP to ADWCleaner

Once they have been cleaned and the computer rebooted, a second scan shows NO DETECTIONS at all.

A third scan shows they have all returned with no indication of any application that is re-writing them,

other than possibly Windows 10 PRO restoring these registry entries.


So what gives MalwareBytes ???


Will this FP continue in or will it be fixed ?


I have ran so many AV, AS, AM applications on these computers that I am tired of wasting time

to be told that they are clean and nothing is detected.

I put all my faith in ADWCleaner because I have been using it for YEARS.....




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I've just updated to v7.2.2 and suddenly from a system free of threats had a nasty 'surprise' and found it reporting almost 200 very similar entries (all just as others have described) have now been flagged as PUPs etc. I went back and tried v7.2.0 and that reports my system is free of  threats. Clearly some issue with the new version but what?

So I come here and find it is a problem between the new AdwCleaner version and Spybot, which I have used for years quietly, in the background without problems. Mind put at rest for the time being.

IMHO it is pretty pointless adding these to AdwCleaner exclusions unless you desperately want to use the new version for some reason. It is has a fault, it shouldn't be doing this, previous versions certainly didn't and TBH I'm not really concerned about why just that it is fixed as soon as conveniently possible, please. That other (helpful) thread is from a month ago so this conflict has been known for some time.

Until then going back to the previous version must be the more sensible reaction.  

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Like I said before, I have the same problem with Spybot immunisation entries. The Exile360 post set my mind at rest about this.

Having read  the view of ColdlyIndifferent, I am now questioning if we are not being led into a false sense of security here. On my PC ADWcleaner 7.2.2 finds 177 PUPs, Optional legacy and others. It gets cleaned and then Spybot will find 112 entries that are not immunised. Why the difference in numbers? Does anybody more tech savvy than I am, have a view on this?

  Thank you.

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  • Staff

Yes, I checked on my own system and likewise discovered that it is still detecting these entries added by Spybot Search & Destroy and Spywareblaster.  I've notified Jerome (fr33tux) of the issue as he is in charge of ADWCleaner in my post about this issue here and I included reg exports of all of the detected entries along with an ADWCleaner log from version 7.2.3 showing the detections.  Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly.

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