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Extortion Attempt using a RAT


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I have been informed by email that someone has obtained control of my computer presumably using a RAT.  They do know one of my passwords.  I have run a scan with Malwarebytes (which appears to have been turned off for a month) and many files, etc were Quarantined.  How can I be sure that this RAT has been removed from my computer?  

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Re: fw – g…. (password was here)

BODY OF EMAIL (edited)
I will directly come to the point. I am aware [password] is your pass word. Most importantly, I am aware about your secret and I've proof of your secret. You do not know me and nobody employed me to investigate you. 

It's just your bad luck that I came across your misadventures. Let me tell you, I placed a malware on the adult videos (pornography) and you visited... While you were watching video clips, your web browser began operating as a Rdp (Remote desktop) that has a keylogger which provided me with access to your display screen and web camera. Right after that, my software program obtained all of your contacts from your messenger, social networks, and e-mail. 

Next, I put in much more hours than I should have digging into your life and made a double display video. First part displays the video you had been viewing and next part shows the view of your web cam … 

Frankly, I am ready to forget everything about you and allow you to get on with your regular life. And I am going to give you two options that can accomplish that. These two options are to either ignore this letter, or just pay me $ 2900. Let’s understand above two options in details. 

First Option is to ignore this email. You should know what is going to happen if you choose this option. I definitely will send out your video recording to all of your contacts including members of your family, coworkers, and so forth… 

Other Option is to send me $ 2900. We’ll call it my “privacy fee”. Now let me tell you what happens if you choose this path. Your secret remains your secret. I'll erase the recording immediately. You continue on with your daily life as though nothing ever happened. 

Now you must be thinking, “I will call the cops”. Without a doubt, I've covered my steps to make sure that this message cannot be linked time for me plus it won't prevent the evidence from destroying your life. I am not trying to break your bank. I am just looking to get paid for time I place into investigating you. Let's hope you've decided to produce all this disappear and pay me my confidentiality fee. You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search "how to buy bitcoins" on google search) 

Amount to be sent: $ 2900 
Bitcoin Address to Send to: 1KjxgUYw2QC53ZiGeAG9uohcSSRUWsSsQA 
(It is CASE sensitive, so copy and paste it carefully) 

Tell no person what you should be using the bitcoin for or they might not give it to you. The process to have bitcoin can take a few days so do not procrastinate.
I've a specific pixel in this message, and now I know that you have read through this email. You have 48 hours to make the payment. If I do not get the Bitcoins, I will, no doubt send your video recording to all your contacts including members of your family, co-workers, etc. You better come up with an excuse for friends and family before they find out. Nonetheless, if I receive the payment, I'll destroy the video immediately. It's a non negotiable one time offer, thus do not waste my personal time and yours. Time is running out. 

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This is from a scam campaign that started recently.


But this also means that one of your password is part of a public, searchable data breach and it should be changed as soon as possible.

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Glad we could help.

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