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Malwarebytes Blog Censoring my Comments on ICO Block Post.


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I am trying to put my input in on why all ICOs shouldn't be blocked. And why we should give some ICOs a chance, and block the ones with a bad track record. You can create a ICO Discussion group, and discuss which ones are a scam or not, and not just block all of them! That's just lazy, and unethical. 

My comments shouldn't be not-approved on Malwarebytes blog. You guys were asking for input from the 'community' when you don' t really want input, but you just want to say that you wanted it for community relations. You shouldn't lie Malwarebytes. For real!

Let my comments be on the Malwarebytes blog, because I wanted to comment on the issue whether all ICOs should be banned or not. I take this issue very sensitively because I am experienced with this. 

Please respond. 

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Did you read this at the end of the blog post just before the comments section?:

If your comment does not show up immediately, you may be able to find the reason in this post: Did my comment on your blog get lost?

It seems to indicate that there could be a reason posts in the comments don't show up right away.  If you were just posting your opinion (and assuming there wasn't anything in its contents that triggered one of the automated spam filters) then it should show up eventually.  The won't censor you just because you might have a contrary opinion.  They would not have asked if they didn't want to hear from all sides, otherwise they simply would have posted something like "Hey, we're doing this really great thing to protect you but it comes at a small cost of potential inconvenience, so here's what you need to know and how to disable it", but instead they literally asked what they should do because they know that some legit services will get blocked along with all the bad ones.  They wouldn't go there if they didn't want to hear from users that don't agree that all should be blocked, it just wouldn't make any sense because their own statements in the blog post itself plant those seeds of doubt with their own words.

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