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About the Malwarebytes for iOS beta program

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If you're looking for information about betas of Malwarebytes for iOS, you're in the right place! Please refer back to this forum for information about the betas, the beta program, and to ask us questions about these topics.

The Malwarebytes for iOS betas provide full Premium functionality, so that you can test it fully without making any purchases. You're welcome to stay in the beta indefinitely, but please note that this is not just a way to get Malwarebytes for free. :) If you're not interested in running pre-release software, which may differ from the release software and which may not always have as polished a user interface, then this program is not for you.

Betas expire after 90 days, so you will need to be sure to install new betas as they become available. If at some point in the future the system requirements change, you will also need to be sure to update iOS to meet those requirements. (The app currently requires iOS 11 or later.)

If you want to join the beta program, see the post titled Malwarebytes for iOS SignUp (Beta):


To install the beta, once you are in the program, you will need to download TestFlight onto your iOS device, then follow the instructions under Installing Beta Apps here:


You can install on additional devices as well. Simply make sure that device is logged in to the same Apple ID account that you redeemed the beta with on your first device, then download TestFlight. The app should show up in TestFlight immediately, without any need for further redemption codes.

Thanks for your interest!


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