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autorenew on subscrition

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My two-year subscription runs out next month. I used Cleverbridge to purchase the licence. My credit card details have changed since then. What happens when they try to auto update? If I am offered the same two years for the price of one at the old price, I will consider renewing. If not, goodbye. All the bugs and compatibility issues have worn my patience thin. 

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If they try to charge the old card and fail, they should send you an email asking you to revise your payment information at which point you may do so if you wish, or you can contact them via the information listed on this page to go ahead and update it if you know that you want to renew and want the new payment info to be ready when the time comes.  Either way you should also receive one or two notices from them via email when the time draws near which will likely include pricing and term info, including any special offers/discounts they might have for you as a returning/renewing customer.

edit: Also, if you've set up the My Account feature in Malwarebytes then you may log in there to revise your payment info as detailed here.

With regards to the issues, I hear you, there have definitely been a lot of issues with Malwarebytes 3 over the past year or so, however thankfully they have been getting fixed gradually with each release and it is now more stable than it's been in a long time, at least for most users (though there are still some issues the team is still working on so I cannot say that everything has been fixed yet, but they are trying).  I'm hoping that this next release, which will likely be due within the next few months (possibly sooner, depending on how long it takes and what their release schedule looks like), will fix at least most if not all of the major remaining issues with Malwarebytes 3, but until the publish a beta for affected users to start testing to verify, we really can't know so until then it's best to just keep an eye on the forums, particularly this area where they conduct 3.x beta testing for pre-release builds to see how things go for the users trying it out and what they report with regards to the particular issues they were impacted by previously.

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I just received an email inviting me to create an account. I think that it can't do any harm so I click the link and I am told that there is already an account using my email address. OK, I already have an account, that is why I get an email each month. So I decide to access the account and I'm told that I need to verify my email address. There are no instructions to do this so I reset my password. After successfully doing that, I try again to log on to my account and I'm told again that I need to confirm my email. The old endless loop trick. I have just wasted another hour of my time on a futile attempt to find information that would probably have turned out to be useless anyway. Malwarebytes seems to be doing it's utmost to drive away anybody that just wants an easy to use, reliable security solution.

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