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Malware and/or Virus Preventing Internet Connection for All Applications

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This EXACT same thing happened to me from the update of Flash Player to the bricking of the internet connection to the computer.  Luckily I have backup startup drives both for Mojave and Catalina (and older) so I was quickly able to rule out the modem and internet connection. Ruined my day anyway though,  I ran Sophos Home and though it found problems they were not fixed. If anyone ever finds a solution it would be good to know. Next Saturday I will wipe my drive and restore the backup. Man this is terrible.  The Flash up date was asked for while I was on the CNN website. You can't trust anybody these days.

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Listen closely and please spread the word to all your computer friends.


Such notices are rarely, if ever legitimate, are not caused by anything on your computer at the time and will almost always infect your computer. Hardly any site requires Flash Player now and if you do have it installed, the only safe way to update it is by checking System Preferences->Flash. macOS has not included it for a very long time now, so if you don’t have it installed and actually need it for something, the only place you should go to get it is https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.

We might be able to help you if you could tell us exactly what and where Sophos found and did not fix.

You also didn’t mention whether Malwarebytes for Mac was able to detect and / or fix anything.

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Hey, guys. So, the same thing happened to me. I tried various ways and it didn’t work. Untillll, I saw this youtube video and it works! Try going to your system preferences >> Network >> advanced. Press the Location which is usually “automatic”, and add a new Location. After that, click apply and the internet works again. Hope it helps :)

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