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Auslogics Disk Defrag Free portable is a false positive

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Scroll down to the Portable version ( http://downloads.auslogics.com/en/disk-defrag/ausdiskdefragportable.exe )

It is a great work around for a defect in the NTFS file system with disk fragmentation.  The portable one has no installer and I have used it in at work to change vendor software install times from 12 minutes to 5 seconds.  And shave off 3 to 7 minutes off boot time.  For friends and family improved boot times from 8 minutes to under 2 minutes and others opening a Windows Explorer Window from 5 minutes to 3 seconds.


Malwarebytes is not the only one with the false positive (Trend Micro got the false positive recently too)

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This is detected correctly as PUP.Optional. You are welcome to add it to your ignore list but we have seen them bundle adware in the past.

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They never added anything to the portable version.  The portable is a different installer than the installer that installs Auslogics Disk Defrag Free onto the Windows computer.

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I have added this particular file to our F/p prevention server however any new versions may trigger a detection at such time.


Thanks again for reporting this.

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