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Virustotal was blocked for me today.

All was fine until I attempted to upload a file to scan, (CCsetup544.exe, the latest CCleaner installer).
It allowed me to browse to and select the file, but after clicking on 'open' Malwarebytes Firefox threw up the block-


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I seem to be getting a rash of FP's today, all "Suspicious Activity" blocks on sites where they are pretty obvious FP's.

eg's: Virustotal as the screenshot above above, Google Maps (google.co.uk/maps), the BBC (but not all pages), various national newspapers, etc.

I'm not going to screenshot each one, here's a couple of the google maps addresses that got blocked:

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It seems to be a glitch that only lasted for for those two days, don't know why? It's not throwing up FPs at the moment.
Had a couple of blocks yesterday, but they were unknown (to me) links that I had never visited before so fair enough.

No it's not the CCleaner bug, they have fixed that a couple of weeks ago. I did mention that previously in another thread here. And yes I have tested that it had actually been fixed.

From their v5.44 release notes, 26 June 2018:


Firefox: Fixed a cleaning compatibility issue with the Malwarebytes extension


It's just a coincidence that it was the upload of CCleaner installer that caused virustotal to be blocked by the MB extension the first time, once I had reported it here I tried to upload another couple of files to virustotal, and they also caused virustotal to be blocked in the same manner.

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