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Loose WiFi connection


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I have been loosing WiFi connection when iPhone 8 has been idle. Don’t know if this is a memory leak or bug with the latest updated version. If I set down my iPhone for a few minutes I loose my WiFi connection. I normally keep it set to 2.4GHz but I have the option to select 5 GHz. I also noticed that while I’m checking my network connection that the VPN is trying to connect. I will provide pictures. Should I go to General/Reset and Reset Network Setting ?




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We've had reports of issues like this from some beta users. It's highly inconsistent. Some people have had huge networking issues, while others have never been able to reproduce it. We think it has to do with specific carriers and/or wifi networks. I can say I've never had this problem with the Malwarebytes app, but I definitely have seen it with another VPN, where it takes as long as a minute to re-establish a network connection after the phone's screen has been off for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, Apple made us remove this pseudo-VPN-based functionality from the public version. We're still going to keep a beta with the pseudo-VPN in play, to try to improve the technology and in hopes that we can talk Apple into allowing it. We may be trying some different techniques, so when you see new betas, please to give them a try and see if there is any improvement to this issue.

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Thank you very much for your clarification. It’s not a big issue other than there’s a lag time connecting to WiFi network. My best guess is the phone carrier and where I live because my service is not that strong and I can go 1 block down the road and I have LTE service. Yes I will still beta test until the end. 

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