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why am I being bombarded by this notification?

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Sorry but I will write in portuguese this my problem, because google translator translates everything wrong, there are some sentences that are meaningless and totally out of my rationale !! 


Pois bem, eu estou sendo bombardeado por múltiplas notificações sobre esse site (www.boostebox.com.br) pelo MalwerBytes. 

Olha quantas notificações eu tive em um intervalo de apenas 30 minutos (mas agora paro) !



Olha isso


Começo entre as 18:23 e então, fico mostrando que bloqueou este site , fico assim até umas 18:57 eu acho , mas sendo que eu nunca nem tinha visitado esse site, sou olhei e tentei entra no site pra ver e pesquisei sobre oque era, então minha é , Porque esta me notificando sobre um site que nunca tinha entrado na minha vida e fica falando que ele é arriscado e que foi bloqueado ?? , O meu chorme pode esta com vírus ? 

Espero que me respondam , Agradeço desde já a atenção . 


Obrigado !

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It appears that one of the plugins/extensions installed in Chrome is most likely causing this.  That website, boostbox.com.br is a known Cryptocurrency mining website and this is why Malwarebytes blocks it.  The fact that it shows as being blocked whenever you open Chrome leads me to believe that there is probably a plugin installed in your browser that is trying to use your CPU for mining Cryptocurrency.

You can find more information here, here as well as here (that last site indicates that boostbox.com.br is in fact a cryptocurrency mining website).

If you scan with Malwarebytes and it is not detecting any Chrome extensions, then you may need to scan using ADWCleaner and hopefully it will find and remove the plugin/extension in Chrome that is causing this.  If it does not, then please follow the instructions in this topic and create a new topic in the malware removal area of the forums containing the requested logs and information by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will help you to check and clean your computer.  If you would prefer to receive help privately via email then you may contact Malwarebytes Support by filling out the form on this page and they will respond to you as soon as they are able to.

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