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Malwarebytes and In-browser mining scripts


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Hello, Malwarebytes Support Team!

Mineralt is a service that provides online cryptocurrency miners for websites and mobile applications.

First of all, I carefully read your position on your blog about another service similar to Mineralt - CoinHive (https://blog.malwarebytes.com/security-world/2017/10/why-is-malwarebytes-blocking-coinhive/) and I totally accept your arguments about online mining on end-users visitors CPU.

But I still have questions about the user experience that users get on the websites or in the mobile application with online mining scripts.

How to prevent:

1. Blocking the work of our mining script by Malwarebytes?
2. Blocking (in some cases, we noticed that it happens) the sites, on which our mining script have been installed, by Malwarebytes?

In other words, how to get out of the “gray zone”, which you wrote about in your blog?

Did I understand correctly that it is sufficient to fulfill the following UX conditions:

1. Notify users about mining script running
2. Show “opt-in window” for the user with mining permits (as you understand, in the conditions of using our service this item is mandatory, but it is impossible to track it’s by 100%).
3. And the most important, in this window with opt-in (for example) it is necessary to provide the end user with the opportunity to choose the amount of CPU load?

Have not I forgotten anything else?

With the hope for dialogue and cooperatio.

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