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Malwarebytes is now NAGWARE

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Well, the folks at Malwarebytes have finally created the ultimate piece of nagware.  If someone chooses the free trial version of MB and 

after 14 days decides they don't want to pay $40 a year,  or every time a new update of the software is allowed to be installed, the 14 day 

trial is started over and you get nagged to upgrade again.  AND if you choose not to install the update, you keep getting nagged to install it 

over and over.  Yeah, yeah, I know there is a place in settings where I can kill the free trial, but come on MB.  that button is not very obvious.

So once someone chooses not to buy your premium version, STOP nagging then.  OH, BTW, seniors and less informed users may 

not know how to find the button to kill the nagging.  Not a very user friendly approach for a company that make some pretty awesome


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You guys have turned MB into a huge piece of NAGWARE.  Someone who installs MB, and and the end of the free trial chooses not to purchase the premium version and then the next time they install an update, the free trial starts all over again.  That is BS.  I should not have to kill the trial every time an update is installed.  And what about senior citizens and less technical folks who don't know where the kill button is located?  OH, and if a user opts not to install the update in order to avoid the nagging to upgrade, they get nagged over and over to install the update.  You need to fix this.  Once a user opts not to buy the premium version, they should not have to deal with getting nagged every time an update is installed.  And if you can't fix this, at least put the kill button on the very first page instead of hiding it.  Your program did not used to do this, NAGGING.  You need to fix this!

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