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AdwCleaner 7.2.1

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AdwCleaner 7.2.1 has been released!

Despite the small version increment, this isn't just a maintenance release: it certainly contains fixes, but also major additions to previous versions. Here's an overview of the changes:

Ability to save the Window's size across launches

Using the new dedicated toggle in the settings menu, it's now possible to save the window size when AdwCleaner closes such as it's restored on the next use. It's disabled by default.

Ability to launch AdwCleaner with a local settings file

This has been requested for a long time and it's now available: If a settings file is present in the same directory than AdwCleaner executable, then it will be used instead of the settings file located at the system root directory. This is particularly made for technicians who like to use AdwCleaner from an USB drive with the same settings every time.

Debug mode availability

Using the dedicated toggle settings, it's possible to output a more verbose logfile for AdwCleaner operations. This may be requested by us in order to get a more detailed report of what happened before a crash or a misbehavior.

MBES detection

For business users with MBES agents deployed, AdwCleaner will no longer show any suggestion to install Malwarebytes 3 for a deeper analysis.

Please tell us how much you like AdwCleaner

A new question is displayed only once at the end of the scan or the cleaning process to ask you how much would you recommend AdwCleaner to your friends or colleagues. (0 meaning you wouldn't recommend using it at all whereas 10 means that you would very likely recommend it). This is very important for us to know how AdwCleaner is appreciated, so please reply honestly!


Outside of those major features, numerous improvements have been added, from the core engine to detections, UI fixes and performances gain.

The full changelog is available below for reference:

### New Features
- Ability to save the current window size and restore it on the next launch
- AdwCleaner will now use a settings file in the same folder than AdwCleaner.exe so that it can be shared accross network shares or USB keys,
- Add a debug log output when activated from the settings
- Please tell us how would you recommend AdwCleaner to others with the new window asking for your opinion
- AdwCleaner is now aware when MBES client is present

### Changes

- Keep checked state of quarantine elements between switched tabs
- Improve DownloadProtect detections

### Bugfixes

- Support translations for on/off in Settings
- Generic detections fixes and updates
- Memory leaks
- Various UI issues
- Database to 2018.06.19.1


Download AdwCleaner 7.2.1 here.

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