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False Positive at apps.facebook.com/rummy-world

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For some reason you have recently started  blocking our facebook games at:
The name of the app is :Rummy World

It has been running for years with thousands of users...
and lately some users have been reporting issues with loading the game.

One of the customers  just told me that it was due to "malwarebytes" web protection
I have just installed it on my win PC,
and it is indeed blocking my site 

1. I am not getting any "malwarebytes has just blocked website: aaa.com"" message
2. it is not appearing in the Report log section - so  i dont really know what is the ip that causes this.

3.  I have also opened a ticket # 2351291 & sent logs via your support tool

I ask you please to remove our site from the "Black List" urgently.
it is going on for almost 3 weeks now and we are losing a lot of customers.

TO REPRODUCE: just install the Rummy World game on facebook and try to go to any game room.


Thanka in advanced
Edan Asher
Head of technology
Rummy World

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Hi Devin,

This is really bad for us since we are losing a lot of paying customers, hundreds already.

1. Do you have any expected\estimated release date for the upcoming versions ?

2. Are you sure that this issue will be resolved on the next version ?

3. Anything on my side to do that can temporary solve this ?


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The release is planned soon, but no solid ETA. I do not have a Facebook account to test, but in all other scenarios where this issue occurs, our fixes have resolved it. The underlying issue has to do with how we parse really long URL's. I'm strictly hypothesizing here, but if your game makes a GET request with a lot of parameters, that's most likely what's tripping this up. 

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Sorry, just saw this message now. I'll test in the morning and follow up with you. I also hid your post with the login information since this is a public forum and didn't want someone to scrape them. I have the credential information stored so I can test.

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Dear Malwarebytes

Our company name is "P-Kama Ltd."

We are a company with several online board games on facbook & on other web & mobile platforms.

Our biggest game is Rummy World.

Since the beginning of June (~9/6/2018) hundreds of our customers started having problems getting into the games.

They  can't get into the game at all.

After a lot of support sessions and research, we have realized that the reason for that is your web protection software.

For some wrong reason, you have started blocking our games .

In addition, there is not any Notifiction message saying "Site has been blocked"

so users cant exclude us and do not even know that 'Malwarebytes' is responsible for that.


As dcooling (your staff) said few days ago:

"This is a known issue with the current version of Malwarebytes that should be resolved in an upcoming update.
For the time being, disabling Web Protection or downgrading to the previous version should allow you  to load these sites properly."


1. It is going on from 09/06/2018

2. We are losing hundreds of customers everyday that can not get into the game. 
After a few tries, for several days, the give up on us and they dont come back.   

3. Some of them rightly demand a refund.

4.Our support department is swamped with complaints  regarding this issue alone

5. Regrading your solution to downgraded version -  Our average customers technical skills is poor, and it is  very difficult for them to do it.|
In addition, we can not reach all of them.

6. We have already lost over 20,000$ on this issue, it is a real damage for us.





We are waiting for your immediate answer and we are going to decide how to proceed accordingly

Noam Ophir
P-Kama Ltd.


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This issue should be fixed in our beta that was just released. You can download the beta by going to Settings -> Applications and toggling on the beta option. After a little while, you should get the beta version which is Component Package 1.0.390 and this should hopefully resolve the issue. Please let us know.

If you don't want to try the beta, the full release should be out soon based on feedback from beta users.


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I am very disappointed & UPSET!

The damage to our business  is increasing, and it seems that you are NOT doing enough to solve it,
and it is taking you way too long!
Most of the flowing I have ALREADY  told you, some of it a few times already.
so please ready it carefully and be thorough : 


1. You said


This is very strange as I was able to easily see the issue resolved

what do you mean by that ?

I have posted a video here a week ago  that show & explains exactly what is the problem and how to see it.

Did you follow the video and managed to go inside the room (mintue 0:45  in video) after the preloader numbers !? (probably not)

Here is the video, again. Please 


2. Once again, I have uploaded log using the support tool.

I got a message: Logs have been uploaded successfully.

3. I remind you guys again that the Malwarbytes is blocking some\one of my url's requests BUT it is not opening any notification message

and there is not any "website blocked" event on the Reports section


It is going on from 09/06/2018 and it affecting thousands of our users already.



Noam Ophir & Edan Asher
P-Kama Ltd.




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Hello Devin

As you requested, I have tried to test it on a PC that does NOT have any other 3rd party anti virus software (such as eset...) .

I went to another "clean" PC on the office. Installed Malwarebyes.

Installed the latest beta package update:



ans still, I then could NOT go inside a game room.

I have just sent another log via your support tool.

so it is something else.

Btw, on my 'old' PC, the same version is working now with\without having another antivirus. very strange.


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