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option to scan the boot sequence.

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Malwarebytes already does perform cleanup/disinfection during boot (very early in the boot process, actually).  It's part of the Delete On Reboot (DOR) technology built into the remediation engine in Malwarebytes.

As for scanning on boot, while it doesn't normally do this, if you enable rootkit scanning under Settings>Protection in the Scan Options section and attempt a scan and it is prevented from loading the anti-rootkit driver (a tactic some threats, especially rootkits, will use against anti-rootkit utilities and other scanners to try and stop them) then Malwarebytes will provide the option to reboot the system to load the anti-rootkit driver early during system restart at which point the scan will resume early in the boot process to deal with the threats.

So far these approaches have proven to be quite successful and short of anything preventing access to the system such as screen lockers and the like, has worked very effectively against these threats.  When dealing with screen lockers and similar threats if you aren't able to run a scan at all the your best bet is to try Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking as most malware doesn't load there and Malwarebytes will be able to perform a scan there.

So far developing a boot disc or similar tool for more difficult threats hasn't really been necessary, however if it does, then I am certain that the Developers will build something capable of dealing with such threats.

I hope that helps to explain how Malwarebytes works.  If you have any additional ideas/input please don't hesitate to let us know.


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