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False positive Report emclock


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I have the same problem.  My app is flagged with a "MachineLearning/Anomalous.96%" error.  There are a few versions out in the field.  Will you be able to "whitelist" all of them with a single version?  

I plan to explore the Digital Signature but for now I have to cover the versions in use. 

The requested files are attached. 





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Hi Rich,

Since I started this issue on this post I thought it might be best to continue with the same post.  I'll start a new post in for any new issues. 

The same  "MachineLearning/Anomalous.96%" error is flagged with the latest version (see attached).  Will I need to send each new version to you to keep the error from being flagged? 

Here is the latest version (which is still in test - it might need a few tweaks before it is released). 



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  • Staff

It was a different program from another user that you attached your posts too. i separated them now to avoid confusion. I fixed this version for now. the system should learn from these files. If it does not we can adjust for the different versions. I whited this for now and let me know if there is any still lingering issue.


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Thank you for splitting the thread.

Unfortunately the software is still being tagged with the same  "MachineLearning/Anomalous.96%" error.  I checked for updates and ran the scan just now. 

Any suggestions?  

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I just tried to download the "LatestProgramVersion.7z" file that I attached to my post at 3:09 on Saturday to check if I had sent the right file and Windows Defender blocked the download saying that it contained a virus.  I then successfully downloaded the  "emClock Control Panel.zip" file that I sent today without any issues. 

Unsure why - same file in both. 



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