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Couldn't find another place to post this on the main site. How long is this going to being posted when going to forums ?

I know you use cookies, I am not in the EU, just another invasion on the internet.

I have seen the same comments about sites on other sites.

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  • Root Admin

Hi Ken,

Yes, you're correct it is controlled by a cookie. Unless you're using some cookie program or cleaner that removes the cookie when you close the browser it should only show up the one time. You click to accept the notice and it should not show up again. Are you clicking to accept the notice?

Please give us a bit more details about what you're experiencing.

Here below is an example of what you should see, but once you click to accept you should not see it anymore.


Let us know.




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I do use a cookie cleaner. However this is the only site that doesn't stop with the cookie crap, so far. Face it, almost everyone in the world knows this for the last how many years ??


Just a very big pain in the Ass !

Edited by KenW
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  • Root Admin

Unfortunately the World of GDPR is upon everyone like it or not. That's why you're seeing it on just about every site you visit and most sites also send an email letting you know about it too.

As for the banner coming up more than once I'm sorry but you'd need to look at your cookie cleaner setting. We have thousands of visitors every day and this banner has been up now for a few weeks and you are the fist we've heard from saying it's an issue. I'm sure it's a simple setting you're probably overlooking that's removing our cookie.


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