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inconsistency in settings


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OK, I did some further testing and I think I understand the issue.  I tried doing the opposite, turning off the two switches in the toolbar icon's menu and then comparing it to what was shown in the settings menu and surprisingly it didn't change, so then I looked at the Allow List tab of the settings page and saw two new additions there, one for each of the protection types for this site where I happened to be when I clicked the two switches in the toolbar icon's menu.  So it seems this is expected behavior and the two switches in the toolbar icon's menu control the settings for the plugin only for the current page, not globally for every site you visit.  So those two switches are used for creating exclusions, not for controlling which features are enabled/disabled across all websites for the plugin.

So I guess it's not a bug, just a slightly confusing UI/UX (User Experience), but at the same time I guess it makes sense in a way since, when clicking the switches in the toolbar, a user is likely doing so in response to the current page they are viewing, not necessarily seeking global options for the plugin, which are isolated to the settings page which is accessible via the Settings link in the icon's menu or through the extensions page in the web browser.

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I did figure out that you could have them enabled in the settings and then disable them on individual web sites which resulted in an entry in the Allow List.  This makes sense to me.

However, if I turn them off in the overall settings what good does that do if they are by default turned on for every individual site.  I shouldn't have to go through and turn these off on each web site.  The setting in the settings should be global in my view.



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1 hour ago, rakeshsejwal said:

Mini UI and the Settings page are slightly different in implementation. Mini UI deals with current page whereas settings page is for disabling settings globally. 

Yep, that's what we figured out.  Disabling all protections in the settings page while still showing both components as active for the current page is where it gets confusing, though I can understand the decision since it's based strictly on creating exclusions for the current page for each component, something that would remain even if all protections were enabled again.  I guess the main issue is the fact that you're using on/off switches for exclusions which makes it seem like it's just a pair of enable/disable functions for those protection components themselves which is where the confusion came from.  I guess implementing something that was more indicative of excluding the current page from each component would be the clearest option to resolve this.  I understand why you guys created it this way as it's not uncommon for modern controls to look like that for the sake of touch compatibility, but I guess switches make it seem more like you're turning something on/off in a more global way and with the wording as it is, I'm sure you can see why we got confused.

Here are a few examples of how some other plugins handle their options for their toolbar icon menus (each of these is from Chrome):


Items circled in RED are global settings that control the plugin for all sites.  Items circled in ORANGE are for the current page being viewed in the browser.

I'm not suggesting that you follow any of these implementations to the letter or anything; I just wanted to provide a few examples of how other vendors have dealt with this issue in their own plugins as it might spark some ideas for you and your team.

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On 6/28/2018 at 3:41 PM, rakeshsejwal said:

Mini UI and the Settings page are slightly different in implementation. Mini UI deals with current page whereas settings page is for disabling settings globally. 

I agree with UI/UX confusion here and in coming days will try to address/handle this. 



Any updates on this one?  


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