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Opening page too large

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Recently after a program update on my Win7 Home Premium pc on which I had to do a clean reinstall of everything, the opening page is oversized and does not display the buttons at the top corner of the page. In order to close the program, I must use task manager! I'm using the free version following a premium trial. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled the free version but no change. 

I am visually impaired so my monitor resolution is reduced and font size increased; but I never had a problem before now. I couldn't even go to desktop view to created an image of the page to send to you. Please help!

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Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team

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Thanks for the logs. This is a known issue we should have fixed in the future. For now, you should be able to do the following:

  1. Click anywhere in the Malwarebytes window
  2. Hold down the Windows Key and press the Up arrow
  3. This should maximize Malwarebytes in your window and make it fit to the screen
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Sorry, but your suggestion did not work...

When did it become 'a known issue' because it only began happening a week ago?

You must be familiar with the programming term GIGO-garbage in, garbage out... If you knew about it, why wasn't it addressed BEFORE releasing the update? I'm not signed up for beta releases...

The problems is that the page is already too large so why would pressing the Windows key and up arrow to enlarge the page be your recommendation? It sounds counter-intuitive.


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The link gave me a file that acted exactly the same way as the one I'd deleted, so I've now deleted all Malwarebytes files...

Please let me know when these issues have been resolved so I can once again use this program.

Respectfully, BTINAZ

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3 hours ago, BTINAZ said:

The problems is that the page is already too large so why would pressing the Windows key and up arrow to enlarge the page be your recommendation? It sounds counter-intuitive.


Because when a window is maximized, Windows forces the title bar (the area where the Buttons.png.5185c4636110f7ad952ebe489cf653c2.png Minimize, Maximize/Restore, and Close buttons exist on the top right) to fit into the screen, regardless of the resolution of your display or the default size of the application window (in this case, the Malwarebytes main UI).  I just tested on my own system and the instructions dcollins provided worked.  I clicked in the Malwarebytes UI to ensure that it is at the "front" or on top of all other windows/programs, then I pressed the Windows key on my keyboard+the up arrow key and the UI for Malwarebytes was maximized.

FYI, this is also the same method used in Safe Mode for any program that doesn't scale well/is too large for the lower resolution of Windows in that mode (including XP where the resolution of Safe Mode is set to 640x480; much smaller than the resolution of Safe Mode in newer Windows versions).

More information on the keyboard shortcuts available in Windows can be found here.

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I have a somewhat similar problem which I reported on May 8.  Who knows if MB will fix it.  DUH!  Here is the link:


What you see is what I get on the right hand side.  I can see the bell on the right hand site only the half of it (so I may miss some messages if they come up) and the letters are cut off all along on the right hand side as you will see.  Also Win 7.   Still waiting if something will be done.  All worked fine prior to the latest update.  I'm NOT a happy camper!!  Only in maximized mode will it show fine.

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Thank you to all who responded with their similar issues or an explanation of why it 'should' work; I tried and it didn't and I've been using Windows since 3.1 and DOS before that, so this is not my first rodeo... You may be familiar with the programming term 'GIGO' (garbage in, garbage out).

I will wait until the software engineers fix the problem they created so I can return to using their program.

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So you can't maximize the window by pressing the Windows key and up arrow at the same time?  That is core Windows OS functionality, so if that isn't working there may be a deeper underlying problem with the system that goes beyond Malwarebytes, or there could be an issue with the keyboard itself.  I would suggest testing both the Windows key as well as the up arrow key to ensure that they are both functional.  When pressed alone and released the Windows key should open the START menu/START screen and the up arrow can be tested in any document by ensuring that it moves the cursor up one line.

You can also test the same keyboard shortcut on other applications to make sure that it works with them as it should.

Keep in mind I was not saying that it would allow every component of the Malwarebytes UI to display properly, only that it would provide access to the window control buttons at the top right to minimize, maximize/restore and close the window, and if it is not doing that, then there must be another issue related to that function.

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To exile360 - I'd already tested the functionality of the Windows button as I had to use it to connect via a secure site to work with Microsoft tech support on doing a clean reinstall of Windows and Office. I appreciate your thoughts on this subject but they do not apply to my problem...

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Understood.  Do keep in mind though that all this would do is provide access to the minimize, maximize/restore down and close buttons at the top of the window (the standard Windows functions for normal Windows applications) and would not aid in the contents of the Malwarebytes UI being displayed properly.  I merely suggested it because you mentioned that you were unable to access the close button at the top and had to use Task Manager:

On 6/22/2018 at 12:12 PM, BTINAZ said:

the opening page is oversized and does not display the buttons at the top corner of the page. In order to close the program, I must use task manager!

If the function I mentioned isn't working then frankly it must be relevant because as I'm sure you're aware given your experience, that is a standard Windows function, not something specific to the Malwarebytes UI, regardless of its size (when maximized on a display too small to fit the entire window, Windows will force the UI down to a size where it fits within the current display, and while this will certainly condense even further the contents of the UI itself, it will provide access to those controls at the top so that you don't have to use Task Manager).

Another option would be to hold down the Shift key and right-click on the taskbar icon for the open Malwarebytes UI (not the smaller tray icon near the clock, but the larger one closer to left or center of the taskbar representing the open window/application) then select Close or Move (you'd move it using the arrow keys on your keyboard) or by pressing Alt+F4 when the Malwarebytes UI is on top/in focus.  Any of these methods would allow you to close the UI or move it without having to use Task Manager (not that it's that many fewer clicks, but it at least might be a bit more convenient until they get this issue fixed in the Malwarebytes UI).


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