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Trojan miner? Dont think so. I visit (the streaming service) for years now and never have a problem.

If you want, block the download service if you can, but the streaming service is okay.

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I haven't checked openload.co to verify, but I do know that many free online streaming sites have been integrating digital currency miners (Bitcoin etc.) to supplement their income/offset the costs of free hosting/streaming etc. so it is possible that openload.co has now done the same.  Many Torrent sites have been doing this as well along with lots of other "free" download/streaming service providers/hosts since they don't have to ask your permission and can automate it through the use of scripts/code embedded into their websites so that the mining kicks in just by viewing/visiting their sites.

If you're OK with that, then you can add them to your web exclusions, but if you're using the site and notice higher than normal CPU and/or GPU usage then that's most likely the reason.

edit: I did a quick search and found this article which calls out openload.co by name (among others, but openload.co is called out in the title) along with this article and this article which both state the same, all of them dating from late last year, so assuming nothing has changed, it's very likely that openload is still participating in these practices so whether or not it's worth the tradeoff is up to you, but one of the things Malwarebytes guards against is the mining (especially when the site doesn't inform you about it) of cryptocurrencies and the like so this would fall under their purview and stated purpose.

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Yes, those articles are from late last year, but to my knowledge this is still going on.  How is the streaming server OK?  Aren't they doing this whenever their site is accessed, including when streaming one of their videos on another site?  If not, then I'd suggest either temporarily whitelisting their server or temporarily disabling Web Protection, but given the way that Web Protection works, the only way to block their site is to block the entire thing, which would include their streaming server since it's hosted on the same domain as the cryptomining page is.

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