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False positives in FF extension


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I installed Malwarebytes extension for Firefox one month ago in my two PC, one with Linux Manjaro, one with Windows 7 x64 SP1 Enterprise, both with Firefox 60.0.2 x64, the version of the extension is 1.0.22. In both machines i got several blocked sites that i think it shouldn't be blocked, sites that seems genuine, but not sure, maybe my router is hacked or something... I think that are just false positives. These are some sites blocked:

- https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/hrxfh20wtbre7tfaimf56i5chlodia4z (The url to download Malwartebytes Anti-exploit beta, when i click in download button, the download is blocked)

- https://www.origin.com/esp/es-es/           (Origin site, in spanish) 

- https://www.adlice.com/download/ucheck/?wpdmdl=793&ind=TuEpZ-s1ibPSbKuFArYCJSkkL_HsPrcBlcQI78QvFbJiWZHzTjKPeR_0k4Rdvd9qAQhxH2Nosesd8ie-koqaGlK0PFbd-fqh0nPUXOGl33VT3u8c3_XlbaDRqAJaITk-         (The website of adlice software, whatever i try to download from their site is blocked by malwarebytes extension, Roguekiller, uCheck...)

  These are just some of the blocked sites that i get daily. If you want i can go on posting more blocked URL's.

  Seems that this extension needs to be refined. If it's not a malwarebytes extension problem, and you dont get blocked, pls tellme, cause this will mean that my router have been hacked.

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For the download blocking this may be a known problem.

If you use CCleaner to clean Firefox then when it cleans the Firefox 'Site preferences' it corrupts a database file and the Malwarebytes extension then blocks any installer file downloads.

If this is the problem here then the work arounds are:
In Firefox go to the Add-ons manager and click on 'Remove' and then 'Undo' for the Malwarebytes extension. This reloads/repairs the DB file.
For a more permanent solution:
In CCleaner uncheck the box next to Firefox 'Site preferences' so that CCleaner leaves it alone.

As said it is a known issue and the devs at both Malwarebytes and at CCleaner were looking into just what was/is causing it. (It seems to be a bug in CCleaner).


Seems that this extension needs to be refined.

Yes the Malwarebytes for Firefox extension needs to be refined; it is a Beta product so is still in development.
I have had a few downloads blocked that were not due to the CCleaner issue, temporarily disabling the Malwarebytes extension allows you to download as normal.

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Previously blocked file downloads that I came across are saving fine now.

The CCleaner issue is still an issue though - it has not yet been fixed by Piriform but I have been informed by a staff member over there that Malwarebytes have provided them with good technical info to help them fix it.

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