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My old and new cellphones were hacked and cloned using Google

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Has anyone had there Android Hacked and Cloned? My old Virgin Mobile and my new Straight Talk cellphones were Hacked into using Google/gmail, I was locked out of every one of my email accounts and my Facebook account as well, now someone is monitoring them through my current cellphone. I had finally had enough as my cloned cellphone, which shows up as being in Baltimore, MD, was using one of my 3 device accounts until I removed every Google App except Google Play. Now I have 3 using devices using Malwarebytes, before when I tried to activate a second laptop a message came up stating that all of my 3 slots were being used and that I would have to deactivate  one of my laptops.

I now have to delete the email account that I used to purchase my Malwarebytes account and use a new secured email account, my only problem is convincing Malwarebytes that I am the owner of the account butt for security reasons need to change my email, authorization key and password. I will also need to return my new cellphone and get service directly from AT&T or Verizon/Nextel so that I can connect my cell service without having to go through google.

The worst part of my my ordeal is that last month my Google/gmail account was Hacked into and all of my Cloud storage was made public, so I have been enduring Phishing attacks by wannabe Hackers. True story Bro! Unfortunately all of of my screen shots of all this Hacking are in my cellphone which I am tethered to for Internet access or on Messenger or a Google service, I using Mozilla Firefox and am not logging into Google anytime soon :( But I do have a screenshot of the Hacker using my old Cloned cellphone messing with my Facebook account...2018514140_Untitled02edit.thumb.jpg.8b4d20933096acb71c13f3d5c53f9d65.jpg


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It appears that your Google/Facebook accounts may have been compromised.  I assume Google sent you an email about the Baltimore, MD log in attempt.  This just means that an IP (likely spoofed) from the Baltimore, MD area attempted to log into your account — not that your phone has been cloned.  I would suggest logging into your Google/Facebook accounts and changing the passwords  to stronger passwords.  Also, I would add additional security authentications to your account, ie adding SMS verification code to log into accounts.


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Believe it or not my cellphones were cloned and yes it was done using my compromise Google/Facebook  accounts. I am on a fixed income so I buy cheap cellphones and providers, at the moment I am using Straight Talk. Over the past month have had to exchange 2 phones because whenever I made a call on the first one a message would pop up stating "Call Forwarding is enabled" and on the 12th of this month at approximately 11am a message came up on the second phone stating that my Malwarebytes account had expired, while I was reactivating Malwarebytes account four calls were made from my cellphone  and after that when I made a call a message would pop up stating "Call Forwarding Unconditional". Straight Talk does not support call forwarding!

My phone calls were being listened into because the next day I tried to call PayPal to make sure my account was secure but only got the automated system since they are on the west coast and I am on the east coast, later that day I checked my email and found 3 Phishing emails that appeared to be conversations between me and PayPal. I called PayPay and found out that these were Phishing emails.

Just this morning a call came in from an unknown number that I did not answer and then a message popped up to call a number for  a voice mail message, number that is listed under call forwarding in the phone setting for a service that is not supported by Straight Talk. This is some crazy stuff, I have a life long friend who is paid to Hack into Government and Government Contractors networks for security purposes and he told me this Hacker is a Pro!

I am going to return my current cellphone and to avoid having to use any Goggle services  am going to use AT&T or Verizon/Nextel, who are the two main sources for every other cellphone provider in the U.S., I have already downloaded my Google/Facebook info and avoid them using fictitious disposable accounts. I r not 2 smart and got this info from a Legit Youtube video (see attached screenshot).

But thanks for the info, I will try your suggestion first before returning my cellphone. I am not a hateful or vengeful person, I cannot even hold a grudge I just avoid toxic people and never thought the need to be proactive in securing my devices. As well I have memory problems and have to depend on documenting everything on notebooks, so this is going to be taxing trying to keep everything straight.

Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 4.18.01 PM.png

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