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Malwarebytes iOS 1.0.18: clarifications on new features

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I have now downloaded Malwarebytes iOS 1.0.18 and as a changelog it says that there is a new web protection feature.
What changes from version 1.0.13? In fact already that version blocked suspicious and malicious sites.
I ask this to be able to evaluate the new function and eventually send feedback.
I thank those who will give me clarification on this

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So I’m still on v0.13(1), v1.0 has been released to the AppStore but it still doesn't show as an update in either TestFlight or the AppStore.

Should I delete my beta version, so that I will be able to obtain the release version?

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@alvarnell you can continue using the 1.0.13 as you are still getting latest databases updates via backend, a newer version of beta is in works but I don't have an ETA.

if you would like to upgrade to a stable version with better UI/UX, you can download the latest from App Store. 



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4 hours ago, treed said:

You're definitely welcome to stay on the beta as well. We'll be updating that before it expires.

That's what I want to do, but obtaining the current release version would require me to delete 1.0.13 and I assume lose the premium functions in the process. So you are saying that if I did, I should still receive an invitation for the next beta which would restore premium functions?

I think the safest course for me is would be to stick with 1.0.13 until the next beta release.

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On 6/15/2018 at 5:51 PM, rakeshsejwal said:

@MAXBAR1 Web Protection feature now works using the local DB, instead of using the old VPN hook. 

we got limited by apple on using the VPN function for displaying the block page, web protection is now limited to Safari only. 

The VPN hook could always be made into a TestFlight-exclusive feature.

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