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When I visit certain websites MalwareBytes blocks UCARECDN.COM.


Can anyone offer any advise as to how I get rid of UCARECDN.COM?

Trying to locate it on my PC I have searched:

  • programs
  • regedit
  • services
  • Browser Extensions
  • LocalAppdata

But found nothing.

I have reinstalled Chrome.

I have completed Malwarebyte and ESet scans,

I have run CCleaner.

But every time I visit I get the attached:

I have found a lot of removal sites and have done the manual process, the automatic removal tools that are being offered for download look suspect, and Malwarebytes issues a warning for the majority of them.

Any suggestions on where it is hiding would be appreciated, or a reputable removal tool.

Or is there is anything in Malwarebytes that will give me more information - or just to block it without displaying a message.




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I have got to the bottom of this eventually. The problem was not with the website I was visiting, the website was using a chatra.io chat facility and it was that website that was infected. I reported the matter to chatra.io and they were aware of it and were in the process of putting in a fix.

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On 6/14/2018 at 11:49 AM, Zynthesist said:

After further checks this block will remain in place until we hear back from domain owner that they have resolved what we have reported to them. 


Any updates on this issue? A major audio website (Audiogon.com) is still being flagged for accessing ucarecdn.com. I realize I could add an exception in MB but don't want to if there's a valid issue to justify the block. Thanks for your kind support! 

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This website is owner by Uploadcare, a web component for uploading image files. It's therefore possible someone somewhere has uploaded a malicious file, hosted at ucarecdn, but this does not affect all customers of Uploadcare. Our services uses Uploadcare and we only host files that were uploaded by our trusted customers. The block is overly cautious. I'd suggest blocking just the malicious content, not the entire domain.

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1 minute ago, JByrd said:

I get the same popup notification about ucarecdn.com when I visit motorsportsreg.com.  Is there a way to eliminate the popup notification?

Yes if you add it as an exception. If I recall once you encounter it if you right click on the MB icon in the notifications area it gives you an option to add it as an exception.

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