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Legit Or Scam? Malwarebytes Telephone Interview/Survey - Gift Card Offered

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Hi, and please forgive my ignorance.

I have scanned the subforums here but was unable to find one where this question seemed most appropriate. So please, feel free to move or delete this post as you deem appropriate.

My question is not about the software. Although I do have the Android version installed on my mobile phone. I did, however, receive an email invitation to an interview that supposedly will be conducted by someone at Malwarebytes. This email was received into the email address where I had registered my mobile app when first downloading Malwarebytes. The email was sent from "welcome@reply.malwarebytes.com", I did reply by selecting a particular time on a particular date, and later received confirmation of my appointment from what appears to be a legitimate Malwarebytes corporate address shown (no brackets in the actual email address) as (first initial)(last name)@malwarebytes.com.

Aside from initially stating it would take 45 minutes and later confirming by sending me a calendar entry that is set for 30 minutes, nothing was mentioned as far as the scope of the interview or the type of questions I would be asked but it did offer a $50 Amazon Gift card for participating. (And who would refuse that for a 30-minute phone chat, right)?

I am simply trying to be proactive in verifying the source of these emails and the legitimacy of any such "user interview" program that you might be aware of. If you have any information that you can provide or if you can direct me to who/where I might be able to confirm/refute this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance...



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The email address you describe (first initial last name@) sounds legitimate as that's the format used by Malwarebytes employees so I do believe that this offer is legitimate.  It is likely that they are seeking feedback on the mobile product to attempt to enhance/improve it and find out about your user experience with the software.  It's a tactic used by Malwarebytes and other companies to compensate users/customers for their time and opinions/input in order to improve their offerings in the future.

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Thank you so much for your super quick response!

We can all appreciate any company that reaches out for feedback from its customers. Malwarebytes certainly has made a name for itself by way of great products that it offers. This helps solidify their commitment to staying in tune with its user base. 

Once again, I appreciate your input. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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You're welcome, I'm glad to be of service :)

Yes, they are always on the lookout for input and feedback (and yes, even criticism) from their customers and users.  It's one of the many things I respect about this company.

If there's anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know.

Thanks :) 

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