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Something keeps popping up on my screen

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Hey guys,

Been having this issue for the past week or so and I cannot work out what the heck it is.
I can be doing anything on my PC and a window 'flashes' on my screen, I have no idea what it is as it doesn't seem to show up on Task Manager and I have not been able to catch a screenshot of it yet. It seems to happen regularly and is most noticeable when playing a game in borderless windowed mode as it basically alt+tabs me out of the game. I can see the window when it pops up but its so fast I cannot work out what it is.
It's insanely annoying! Does anyone have any idea how I can stop it? I have tried a couple of 'fixes' I found after a quick google but nothing worked.

I have run Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, CCleaner, Glary Utilities and nothing so far has found or removed the issue.
I am running Windows 10 btw.

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Added that I am running Windows 10
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Is it a black window that flashes on and off?

If so it's a cmd (command) window, and a known issue.
It can happen for various reasons, I've had it happen to me in the past.

If it's happening regularly about once an hour it's a bug in MS Office 365:

If you don't use Office 365, or it's more frequent or random then run the System File Checker (sfc) in a cmd window to troubleshoot the issue, see this for instructions:

There's another possibility; if it's the same game that it keeps happening with then it could be a bug in the game itself that keeps opening and closing the window.
In which case have a search and see if there is a forum for that game where others may have noted the issue.

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You could also check your Event Viewer logs to see if any events such as program crashes/errors etc. occur at the time of these pop-ups.  You could also find the game's log files and see if any issues or errors are being logged there when this happens as that also might give you a clue.  If it only happens while gaming it could also be a problem with heat and maybe one of your components such as your graphics card is overheating causing it to crash out of the game, or it could be a bug in one of your drivers that an update might fix (you can check your system manufacturer's support site to see if there are any new drivers for your system and you can also check the individual hardware vendors' sites that made the individual components in your system such as your graphics card, processor, motherboard etc.).

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