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Redundant with Norton?

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I'm not aware of any independent tests of these two, so I doubt that your question can be answered in any quantifiable way. Norton has long had a bad reputation with Mac users, but that may we’ll be undeserved in it's current configuration. I have not personally used it since Symantec purchased it many many years ago.

With that said, I can only pass on that the operate in very different manners.

Norton will attempt to check every file it can read on your computer to see if it matches the pattern of known malware. It may have some heuristic capability to detect the suspicious behavior of previously unknown malware, but most such features are not very useful on Macs. In any case, such scans take a relatively long time.

MBAM scans are much quicker because they look in locations known to have been infected by a specific malware today. The premium feature watches a few locations where malware installers and payloads are likely to first show up and check any changes to those locations.

Both software products can probably co-exist without issue, but I always recommend not having two real-time / on-access protection features active at the same time. That will almost certainly cause performance issues as they fight to scan the same files. If you decide to try MBAM, make sure to disable Norton's background feature and only use it's manual scan capability.

I recommend you give MBAM a trial run to see if it helps in any way. After the trial period, the manual scan capability will continue to work for free if you elect not to subscribe to it's premium features.

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